Francois Allard
1642 - 1762

When Francois was 25 years old he decided to sign on as an apprentice-colonist to New France. This meant he would stay in Canada and work there for three years. He was sent to Canada and supported at the expense of the Compagnie des Isdeswas. This company was hired to promote the settlement of colonists in New France.

Francois arrived in New France in the summer of 1666. Francois was hired by Anne Hardouin, the widow of Jacque Badeau. With no husband she needed a man to help her. They traveled by canoe to reach her seigneurie at Notre-Dame-des-Anges.

After the three year requirement was over, Francois decided to stay in New France. He was granted a concesson of land at Bourg-la-Reine. Francois settled there in 1669.

After two years the property was developed to the point that it was capable of supporting a family. Francois decided to look for a bride when the next contingent of the Kings' Daughters arrive from France.

He choose Jeanne Anguille to be his wife. Jeanne was 24 years old from the village of Artunne, near Tours, France. She brought with her a dowry of 300 livres plus 50 livres as dowry from the King.

Franois and Jeanne were married in Beauport. Francois belonged to a parrish in Charlesbourg and the priest had already been through that area and would not return until next year so the couple had to be married elsewhere.

The couple walked about 5 miles from Charlesbourg to Beauport to get married. Below is a transcirpt of the marriage contract:

"On the first day of the month of November, one thousand six hundred seventy-one, and after the engagement and publication of the banns of marriage on the 25th and 28th day of October last, between Francois Alard resident of the bourg la Reine, son of Jacques Alard and of Jacqueline Frerot, his father and mother, of the parish of Notre-Dame de Blacqueville archdiocese of Rouen, on the one hand, and Jeanne Anguille, daughter of Michel Anguile and of Teinnette Toucheraine, her father and mother, from the parish of Artaine, archbishopric of Tours, on the other hand. Mgr the bishop of Petre having dispensed with the third bann and having found no objections, the R. Father Guillaume Mathieu, Jesuit, by virtue of the power granted him by Mgr the Bishop has solemnly married them in the chapel of Beauport and has given them the nuptial blessing according to the form prescribed by the Holy Church, in the presence of Paul Vachon and of Noel Langlois" (signed) Guillaume Mathieu, s, j.

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