Ebenezer Farnsworth
1726 - 1794

Ebenezer Farnsworth was the son of Josiah Farnsworth and Mary Pierce. He was born on March 22, 1726 in Groton, Massachusetts.

He settled in Charlestown, NH, about the year 1750, was taken by the Indians with the Johnson family, Miriam Willard and Peter Labaree, Aug. 30th, 1754. Ebenezer was living with the Johnson family at the time. They were carried to Canada, where Ebenezer remained for 6 years till a short time before Montreal was surrendered to the English. Little is now known of the circumstances of his captivity, except what is contained in the narrative of Mrs. Johnson.

After Ebenezer returned to Charlestown, he married Sarah Walker in 1762.

Pedigree Chart


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