The Hapgood Line

The surname Hapgood, more commonly spelled Habgood in England, is very ancient, as the simplicity of the arms show, as follows: Or, on an anchor between three fishes naiant, azure: crest. a sword and quill in saltire proper. The name is also found spelled Hopgood. The name is first found in England in 1600, when six of the name made their wills, all members of the same family. John Hopgood, of Andover, whose will was proved in 1608, is supposed to have been father of John, of the same place, who in 1615 had a wife Alice and eight children, five of whom were John, Katherine, Mary (who married Henry Reade), Anne and Alice, all of age; and Robert, Clare and Thomas, then minors. This Thomas was probably father of Shadrach, mentioned below.

(I) Shadrach Hapgood, the immigrant ancestor of all the New England families of that name, was born about 1642, in England. When fourteen years old he embarked from Gravesend, May 30, 1656, in the ship "Speedwell," arrived in Boston the following July. He went to Sudbury, where his cousin, Thomas Haynes lived, and on January 25, 1676, he served with his cousin, Peter Noyes, and Edmund Goodnow as appraiser of estate of Joseph Davis. In 1678-79 he petitioned for a grant of land, and with others took possession of the land afterwards incorporated as Stow. He cleared land on the south side of Assabet river, where he had fifty acres, but before he moved his family there King Philip's war broke out, and on August 2, 1675, he joined a company of twenty men under Captains Wheeler and Hutchinson, who agreed to meet the Indians and treat with them. They were surrounded by two hundred Indians in ambush and eight of them were killed, among them Shadrach Hapgood. His wife was appointed administratrix of his estate, which was appraised at one hundred and forty-five pounds, two shillings, September 2, 1675. On October 5, 1675, she presented a new inventory of one hundred and six pounds, eleven shillings, asking for an abatement of the difference because of the burning of the house by the enemy. Shadrach Hapgood married, Octobr 21, 1664, Elizabeth Treadway, born April 3, 1646, daughter of Nathaniel Treadway, of Watertown, and Sufference (howe) Treadway; Suffereance was daughter of Elder Edward and Margaret howe, of Watertown, who claimed descent from Lord Howe, and English peer. Elizabeth married (second) Joseph Hayward, of Concord, and had frou children. Children of Shadrach and Eilizathe: Nathaniel, born October 21, 1665; Mary, November 2, 1667; Thomas, mentioned below; Sarah, 1672; Elizabeth 1674.

II) Thomas, son of Shadrach Hapgood, was born October 1, 1669. He settled in Marlborough, where he bought between the years 1694 and 1711 five tracts of land from different persons, and this enabled him to draw a large amount of land at various divisions. At one time he owned five hundred and seven acres and several farms, some of which his descendants still own. He served once as selectman, and in 1704 a garrison house in Marlborough was named for him. On November 12, 1703, he petitioned for an allowance from the court, as follows: "He having in 1690, been detached into the service against the Indian enemy, was engaged in the bloody fight near Oyster River, New Hampshire, wherein Captain Noah Wiswell and others were slain and wounded; that he then had his left arm broken and his right hand much shot, so that he endured great pain and narrowly escaped with his life; that he was thereby much disabled for labor and getting his livelihood; forced to sell what stock he had acquired before being wounded to maintain himself since, and that in the fight he was necessitated to lcave and lose his arms with which he was well furnished at his own charge." The court granted him five pounds. He died October 4, 1764, aged ninety-four, and the following is quoted from an English publication: "His posterity was very numerous, viz.: nine children, ninety-two grandchildren, two hundred and eight great-grandchildren, and four great-great-grandchildren; in all, three hundred and thirteen." His will, dated June 10, 1760. was proved October 31, 1764. The inventory was over five hundred and thirty pounds, and in his lifetime he gave each son a farm. He married, about 1693, at Marlborough, Judith Barker, born September 9, 1671, died August 15, 1759, daughter of John and Judith (Symonds) Barker of Concord. Children: Mary, born October 6, 1694; Sarah, February 10, 1696; Judith, February 24, 1698; Elizabeth, October 4, 1699; Thomas, APril 18, 1702; Hepsibeth, June 27, 1704; John, February 9, 1706-07; Huldah, February 10, 1709; Joseph October 2, 1714.

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