Edith Kingdon Hiatt
1895 - 1990

Edith went to Malden High School and graduated June, 1914.

Malden High School 1911
Postcard, Malden High School, Malden, Mass. 1911

Malden High School Graduation 1914
Boston Evening Transcript
Wednesday, June 24, 1914
page 5

   Malden High School will graduate the
largest class in its history this evening in
the high school hall, when diplomas will
be presented to 129 graduates by Truman
R. Hawley, who was recently elected to
the school committe and is an alumnus
of the school and a past president of the
Malden Hight School Alumni. Last year's
graduating class numbered 126. The salu-
tatory will be by Simon Albert, whose
them is "The Significance of International
   The class poem will be by Edna L. Pink-
ert entitled, "Summer-time," and the ora-
tion, on "Individual Develpment," by
George O. Carrington. Elsie E. Whit-
ney will be the valedictorian and her sub-
ject will be "A New-told Tale."
   The following will receive diplomas:

   General Course—Leland H. Anderson, Mae
Aronovitz, Ruth W. Bailey, Constance M. Berry,
Effiejean D. Berry, John E. Berry, Bertha M.
Bryant, Francis J. Butler, George O. Carrington,
Ada M. Cheever, Alva M. Chisholm, Philip F.
Claff, Bernard B. Cohen, Charles A. Cowley, Dor-
othy R. Crandall, Katherine M. Desmond, Ana-
tasia V. Dolan, Lincoln G. Elwell, Mildred A.
England, Arnot E. Erb, John W. Fitzpatrick,
Bertram B. Green, Ake Gysander, Edith K.
Hiatt, Gladys M. Huntley, Madison P. Jeffery,
Gertrude C. Johnson, Edgar O. Kaufhold, Ora E.
Kilton, Marion J. Knowlton, Sadie Kolow, Anna
Kuposky, Selma E. Kuposky, Marion Sterns
Look, Agnes L. Lunt, Helen M. MacCormac,
Marguerite F. Maxon, John H. Murphy, Harold
C. Neal, John A. Nelson, John T. Neville, Wil-
liam M. Neville, Mildred S. Parker, Carl G.
Peterson, Irene A. Phillips, Alice B. Pillsbury,
Edith F. Rand, Arthur S. Ransom, Walter H.
Sargent, Lester B. Sawyer, Hazel A. Shuman,
May M. Simmones, Harold W. Smart, Sadie Solo-
mont, Sara Spevak, Margaret E. Thorne, Bernice
H. Vicerson, Minnie Weiss, Bernice W. Wet-
more, Violad E. Whittemore.
   Commerical Course—Nora A. Bergin, Elizabeth
E. Campbell, Signe Cannell, Anna C. Chapman,
John R. Cheney, Earl L. Cleveland, Isael F.
Conway, Cecil C. Covert, Louis H. Donovan, Jr.,
Mildred Elliott, Katherine G. Fitzgerald, Ella
Fritzsch, Opal R. Gates, Agnes M. Gerry, Bessie
Greenberg, Viola E. Greene, Marion F. Horgan,
Ethel J. Hurley, Mary C. Kearns, Ida Kessler,
Natalie S. Kingman, Leo Kopel, Anna L. Lam-
bach, Etta Levy, Jeannette I. Lukey, Anna J.
Maher, Marion G. Maloney, Regina E. Marnell,
John H. Martin, Morris Memberson, Marie G.
Nolan, Anna L. O'Neil, Thomas F. Ryan, Alma
M. Sraith, Essie L. Towle, John J. Walsh, Sam-
uel A. Wilcom, Jeannette L. Wolfe, Maxwell G.
   College Course—Simon Albert, Ruth Ammann,
Raphael P. Boruchoff, Lois Brooks, Gladys B.
Gamage, Mildred E. Hodges, Marion F. Morse,
Harriet T. Proctor, Harold W. Saxton, Charles L.
Shaw, Max J. Shulman, Doris M. Tufts, Elsie E.
   Scientific Course—Stuart M. Boyd, John S. Car-
ter, Warren C. Carter, Lester C. Conner, Philip
B. Craighead, Harold M. Cyr, John H. Daley,
Robert H. Dillon, Rolfe A. Folsom, Henry Rom-
mer, Howard C. Sargent, Abraham A. Saunders.
   Normal Course—Marion E. Davol, Marvel L.
Horton, Anna E. Nilsson, Edna L. Pinkert, Flor-
ence R. Rimmer.

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