Edith Kingdon Hiatt
1895 - 1990

Edith was born on September 24, 1895 in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Her father was Fredrick Hiatt and her mother was Elizabeth Harper. She had two brothers Alfred and Frank and a sister Ruth who she was very close with.

Edith as a baby
Edith is on the left and her sister Ruth is on the right.






Edith with cousing Marion
Edith (on left) with cousin Marion Holden.


Edith in bathing custome


Edith with many people on a boat
Marion Harper, Victor Gustafson (Edith's fiancé), and Edith Hiatt


Edith with Marion and Victor on a boat


Edith with Victor
Victor Gustafson (Edith's fiancé) and Edith taken about 1920. He died before they could be married.


Edith with a few other people
Elizabeth, Edith Hiatt, Albert, Jessie, at Marion's house


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