Laura Mathilda Larsdotter
1836 - 1885

Laura Mathilda Larsdotter was born June 14, 1836 in Erikstorp village or farm, Sexdrega parish, Älvsborgs, Västergötland, Sweden.

She died while living in the poor house on April 12, 1885, Svenljunga, Älvsborg (Västra Götaland), Sverige (Sweden). The cause of death was lungsot or consumption which today is called tuberculosis.

Laura's death entry Sweden, Selected Indexed Death Records, 1840-1860 and 1878-1942 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015. Original data: Swedish Church Records Archive. Johanneshov, Sweden: Genline AB, Älvsborg, Svenljunga, 1885 (839), image 1 of 2, GID Number: 100015.125.4300 Roll number: SC-910.

When doing Swedish research you trace your ancestor from a known location back to where they came from. Laura got married and had all her children in Svenljunga but she was not from there. The entry for Laura prior to her marriage lists that she came to Svenljunga in 1885 from Sexdrega. It also lists that she is going to marry Anton Svenson.

Laura before marriage
Arkiv Digital, Svenljunga (P) AI:9 (1856-1861) Image 47 / Page 40 (AID: v5669.b47.s40, NAD: SE/GLA/13520)

In Sweden the priest kept track of all the people who came to the parish and all those leaving the parish. The moving in records for Svenljunga show Laura arriving on October 17, 1857 from Sexdrega.

Laura moving in record
Arkiv Digital, Svenljunga (P) B:2 (1855-1861) Image 27 / Page 24 (AID: v5675.b27.s24, NAD: SE/GLA/13520)

There is a moving out record in Sexdrega. The record states that she left on November 11, 1857 which means she arrived in Svenljunga before she left Sexdrega. One of the records for her moving has the wrong date. She also has two surnames - Larsdotter and Björklund. The second surname turns out to be the surname of her father.

Laura moving out record
Arkiv Digital, Sexdrega (P) B:2 (1853-1858) Image 33 / Page 55 (AID: v7544.b33.s55, NAD: SE/GLA/13459)

Laura is found in the Ljushult household examination records before she leaves for Svenljunga. Ljushult is part of the Sexdrega parish. She is living in the village or farm called Sävshult Västergården. In this record she is using her father's surname of Björklund. The notes say that she arrived at Trantorp in 1855 and she left for Svenljunga October 17, 1857. The mark to the right of her name is for the column with the title of 1855.

Laura in Ljushult
Arkiv Digital, Ljushult (P) AI:3 (1854-1858) Image 68 / Page 62 (AID: v7627.b68.s62, NAD: SE/GLA/13336)

Going back in the household examination records, Laura can be found at Trantorp. It says she was born in Erikstrop and in 1855 she moved to Sävshult which is where she is found in the above record.

Laura in Ljushult
Arkiv Digital, Ljushult (P) AI:3 (1854-1858) Image 104 / Page 98 (AID: v7627.b104.s98, NAD: SE/GLA/13336)

For the next entry to be found a few years earlier she is still in Trantorp. He birth place is listed as Erikstrop and the note says Erikstrop 1850.

Laura in Ljushult
Arkiv Digital, Ljushult (P) AI:3 (1854-1858) Image 104 / Page 98 (AID: v7627.b104.s98, NAD: SE/GLA/13336)

Looking at the household examination records in Erikstrop for the years before 1859, Laura is listed as Mathilda. She is found with her mother and siblings. The note for her says she went to Trantorp in 1849. Notice that her brother Per went to Svenljunga in 1849 as well as her mother. The other siblings went other places.

Laura in Erikstorp
Arkiv Digital, Sexdrega (P) AI:17 (1837-1849) Image 67 / Page 123 (AID: v7523.b67.s123, NAD: SE/GLA/13459)

Looking for the family before Laura was born finds them in Erikstorp. Her father is listed as Lars Björklund. He died January 26, 1836, five months before Laura was born.

Laura in Erikstorp
Arkiv Digital, Sexdrega (P) AI:16 (1827-1837) Image 24 / Page 39 (AID: v7522.b24.s39, NAD: SE/GLA/13459)

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