Nicolas Leroy
1662 - 1731

Nicolas Leroy was the son of Louis Leroy and Anne Le Mestre. He was baptized on May 25, 1639 at Saint-Remi de Dieppe, Normandy, France.

He married Jeanne Lelievre Aug. 21, 1658 at Saint-Remi de Deippe, Normandy, France. They had two children born in France – Louis, baptized Nov. 26, 1658, and Nicolas, baptized Mar. 24, 1661.

Jeanne’s father Guillaume Lelievre (a widower) went to New France and sent back about how good life was. Nicolas and Jeanne made the journey to New France in 1661 with their two sons (Louis age 3 ½ and Nicolas age 1) and Nicolas’ mother Anne who was now a widow.

Nicolas obtained a loan for the trip from the Honorable Jean Gloria. Jean was a godparent to son Nicolas and also went to New France.

Nicolas worked at the Seigneurie of Beaupre. He bought land and eventually built a cabin on his land. He hired a man to help with the farm, Jean Briere and an employee to help with his Fish-warden duties.

His mother marired in 1663 to Adrien Blanques, a weaver.

Tradegy struck the family in 1669. A neighbor, Jacques Nourry, found five year old Marie, daughter of Nicolas and Jeanne, alone, and raped her. Three doctors confirmed the act and Jacques Nourry was sentenced to hang. When he was dead his head was severed and posted in a public place “to give thought to those who would avoid marriage.” Marie went on to live a normal life, married twice, and had a total of 13 children.

The following year more tradegy struck. Their house burned down and they lost their youngest children, Anne (29 months) and Jean (9 months).

In September 1675 Guillaume Lelievre found work in Beaumont. Nicolas and his family followed. He died there and his children raised their families there.

I (Patty Roy) can trace my ancestry back to Nicholas and Jeanne through three of their children - Noel (where my last name comes from), Nicholas (ancestor of Amanda Beaudoin, Alfred Peter Roy's wife, her mother was Henriette Roy), and Elizabeth Isabelle Roy (another ancestor of Amanda Beaudoin).

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