Nicolas LeRoy
One of the pioneers of Beaumont
Ancester of a Notable and Numerous Family

Nicolas LeRoy emigrated from France to Canada in the Spring of 1662. Most of the boats left for New France from LaRochelle and Nicolas LeRoy was fated to come to this place to embark.

In the month of May 1662 the "Jarden de Hollande" (Garden of Holland) and the "Aigle d'Or" (Golden Eagle) left LaRochelle with 300 people. Among the passengers were Nicolas LeRoy from Dieppe, age 23, his mother Anne LeMaistre, a widow, his wife, Jeanne LeLievre, age 22 and two of their children, Louis, age 3 ½, and Nicolas age 1.

The voyage lasted four long months; scurvy took its toll among the passengers and 60 of them died at sea. The caravan finally reached Quebec on Sept. 22. At Quebec Nicolas and his family was received by Guillaume Lelievre, his father-in-law, who had been in the country about three years.

Nicolas LeRoy setteled at first on the Beaupre Coast near Montmorency Falls. After having lived on that land for 17 years he went and settled on the southern bank within the limits of what is today the parish of Beaumont. There he raised his numerous family. His seven sons married and settled in Beaumont, Saint-Michel and Saint Vallier, where their descendants have multiplied up to this day.

This family has produced a good number of notable men who have given great service to the church and the state.

Translated by Debra Roy from Vol. #3 of Dictionnaire Genealogique des Canadians Francais.