Philip Duncan Stevens
1894 - 1976

Edith and Philip wearing coats
Edith and Philip
Taken in 1923, the same year they got married


Philip with baby Diana
Philip and baby daughter Diana


Philip with Diana and Arlene on front steps at 92 Glen Avenue
Philip and daughters Diana and Arlene at 88 Glen Avenue, Cranston, Rhode Island
The rented this house and later bought the house next door at 92 Glen Avenue.


Philip with baby Richard and Arlene
Philip and baby son Richard and Arlene


Philip with Arlene beside a car
Philip and daughter Arlene


Philip with others in front of 92 Glen Avenue
June 1951
92 Glen Avenue, Cranston, Rhode Island
Diana Stevens, Ruth Hiatt, Albert Hiatt, Arlene Stevens, Walter Harper, Phil Stevens


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