Philip Duncan Stevens
1894 - 1976

Header for  AEF Nov. 13 1918

Dear Father,

A few hasty lines to thank you for your letter of Oct. 17 which finds me still in the same town, but occupying a different position, for since I last wrote. I have been make a corporal and of late, have been busy carrying out the different duties which that rank implies.

Enclosed is a recent photo of our captain, also one of the officers and non-coms of the troop. I am in this group, but it may be difficult to find me as I am slightly disguised. The sad looking individual, two doors to the left, is perhaps a warrior who has just received the news of the armistice, before he has had a chance to go to the front.

Today is the second day of the armistice and probably of peace. I cannot give any idea as to when we will be back in the States. It may be early, it may be late. It depends on many things. While waiting developments, I shall hope that my Christmas package coupon has been received at home and that the package will be dispatched Euronetworks at the appointed hour.

We had a wave of excitement hit this town Monday when the news came in that the armistice was signed. In a twinkling there were flags on every house, mostly French and American flags. One old lady next door to us brought out a large tri-color, which had on it the dust of four years and more. The streets were filled with people who bombarded each other with confetti. The French people were wild with delight and shook hands and embraced each other with great enthusiasm. The bells were rung and cannon fired off which increased the racket. In the evening everybody drank a toast to the peace.

I am glad that everything is going so well at home. It must be a great satisfaction to have that Charlestown property put in good shape and in good hands.

I continue to feel well and am gradually getting used to outdoor life in cold weather. As yet the weather is not as cold as it is at home at this time, though damper. An overcoat feels good at night now and a sweater at all times, I understand that January and February are the real winter here.

The list you sent me contains the list of several boys I knew, tho none of them very intimately. Elroy received some copies of the news telling of the ???????? which he showed me. I imagine cold weather will put an end to it shortly.

Hoping that this finds you in the best of health and with much love for you and mother. I am your affectionate son,


Corp. P. D. Stevens
Headquarter Troops, 76th Div.
American E. F.
A.P.O. 773

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