Stowaway Children Will Enter New Homes in a Few Days




Boy and Girl Happy Over Prospect of Coming to Rhode Island, After Being Detained During Christmas Season at Ellis Island Immigration Station.

Bertha and John Benson, child stowaways, who landed in New York Dec. 18 from the freight steamer Shortsville, which they boarded at Gothenburg, Sweden, will arrive in Providence, where they will make their home, before the end of the week.

This was announced definitely last night by Ernest A. Benson of this city, a cousin of the children, upon his return from New York, where he talked with the boy and girl and completed arrangements for their release and transfer here.

Both youngsters are delighted, Mr. Benson said, that their troubles are at an end and are pleased at the prospect of making their home in Providence.

The time of their arrival here depends upon the quickness with which a severe cold, from which Bertha is suffering, clears up. Two or three days, however, should see the children in Providence, Mr Benson was told.

Mr. Benson was accompanied to New York by Hjalmar Janson, with whom Bertha is to make her home here. They looked up Rev. A. C. Helander, in charge of the Swedish Immigrant Home, 5 Water street, New York, and Mr Helander cooperated with them in finding the children and arranging for their release.

John was taken by Mr. Heiander to the Immigrant Home. He said he did not want to come to Providence until his sister was well enough to accompany him, and consequently he will stay at the home until she is able to travel.

The American citizenship of the children, Mr. Benson said, has been established by the birth records from Worcester, and everything is now in readiness for them to come here. Mr. Helander will notify Mr. Benson when they are ready to start and they will be met here and taken to their new homes.

Byron H. Uhle, Deputy Immigration Commissioner at Ellis Island, telegraphed Emil Benson of this city yesterday in response to an inquiry that the children would be released shortly.

The message reads: "John Benson released to Rev. A. C. Helander and now at Immigrant Home, 5 Water street, New York city. Bertha Benson now in hospital. Will be released as soon as able to travel."

The Evening Bulleting, Tuesday, December 30, 1919, Providence, RI, page 3.