John Olson of This City and Hjalmar Janson of Meshanticut to Take Care of Boy and Girl Now Held Up by Immigration Officials.


A telegram to the immigration authorities at Ellis Island, New York, yesterday, spelled "Home" in great, big, capital letters for Bertha and John Benson, 15 and 13 years old, respectively, who arrived Dec. 18 from Gothenburg, Sweden, as stowaways aboard the France and Canada Line freighter Shortsville, looking for their uncle Carl Benson of Rhode Island, who died in June.

Another telegram received here this morning by Emil Benson from Byron H. Uhle, Deputy Immigration Commissioner at Ellis Island, intimates that the children should be here in a few days.

The message reads: "John Benson releaved to Rev. A. C. Helander and now at Immigrant Home, 5 Water street, New York city. Bertha Benson now in hospital. Will be released as soon as able to travel."

Mr. Benson stated that Rev. Mr. Helander was brought into the case upon application of the Worcester people.

John's future home is to be with John Olson, 624 Elmwood avenue, this city, while Bertha is to have a home with Hjalmar Janson of Meshanticut Park, according to Emil Benson of 79 Harvard avenue, who announced that these men have opened their own homes to the youngsters.

The mass meeting at the Swedish Methodist Church on Freiendship street, scheduled for to-night, when it was expected that something sould be done toward providing a home for the young stowaways, has been cancelled.

The arrival of the children in Providence may be deferred a few days, as Bertha is recovering from a slight attack of tonsilitis, and is detained at Ellis Island on that account.

Ernest A. Benson, a cousin of the youngsters, who has interested himself in their behalf, accompanied by Mr. Janson, went to New York, Friday, and conferred with the immigation authories at Ellis Island concerning the matter of providing homes for them. They returned to this city yesterday and, subsequently, Emil Benson sent the telegram announcing that homes have been provided for both of the children.

Mr. Olson, who is to provide a home for John, is a member of the annealling and hardening firm of John Olson & Son, while Mr. Janson, who will look after the future of Bertha, is a foreman for the Standard Oil Company.

When Mr. Benson and Mr. Janson were in New York, they arranged with the immigration officials to have them send the young stowaways to this city as soon as Bertha's recovery is complete.

The Evening Bulletin, Monday, December 29, 1919, Providence, RI, page 5.