Milan Filmore Stevens
1852 - 1919

Milan Stevens was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts. There is no birth certificate filed there but all other sources indicate he was born there. This is also where his parents lived.

Milan Stevens
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Milan prepared for college at Charlestown High School. He graduated from Harvard in 1876. He graduated from Boston Law School in 1877 with a degree of LL.B., and was admitted to the bar in 1878.

Milan Stevens Harvard Degree
Harvard Degree 1877

He is listed in many directories.

Boston 1895 - Stevens, Milan F. lawyer 62 Devenoshire
Boston 1915 - Stevens, Milan F. lawyer 7 Water room 303 h at Malden, Minnie Mrs. h 12 Holyoke
Envelope - 27 School St., Room 303 Boston

Milan's wife was Minnie Bennett. She was born in Mendon, MA. She grew up in Iowa and she whas a school teacher in Colorado when she met her future husband. View the marriage notice from the newspaper.

Milan died June 19, 1919 of tuberculosis in the Contagious Hospital Malden, Massachusetts.

The Boston Evening Globe
Friday, June 20, 1919 page 4
Vol. XCV - No. 171


Milan F. Stevens of Malden, son of the late Dr. Thomas J. Stevens of Charlestown, died yesterday in his 67th year. He was born and resided many years in Charlestown, where he attended school.

He was graduated from Harvard University and Harvard Law School. Since then he had practiced law in Boston.

He leaves a wife and a son, Philip D. Stevens, also two sisters Mrs. Helen M. Pitcher and Miss Emma I. Stevens of Malden.

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