Philip Duncan Stevens
1894 - 1976

Philip was born on March 1, 1894 in Malden, Massachusetts. His father was Milan Stevens and his mother was Minerva Bennett. He was an only child.

Philip as a baby
Taken Nov. 1, 1895
Age 20 months


Philip with his classmates
Judson School, Malden
Class of 1902


Philip standing at a homemade wooden fort


Philip sitting


Philip with two boys sitting on steps
Philip is in the middle.
Milan Stevens house
Home of Philip's father Milan F. Stevens. The picture on the left was taken on the front steps.


Philip with two other boys


Philip standing by stairs outside
Age 7 yrs.


Philip standing by stairs outside
Age 10 yrs


Philip with Aunt Helen
Philip with his Aunt Helen
Taken at his Aunt Emma's house


Philip sitting with his good clothes on


Philip wearing his graduation robe
Graduation from Harvard 1916


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