Thomas Stevens
1803 - 1879

Thomas Jefferson Stevens was born in Enfield, New Hampshire. He was a physician and had 4 wives.

Minerva Bennett
Thomas Jefferson Stevens

He married Abigail Baker in Marlow, New Hampshire on March 5, 1829. They had four children - Charles Wistar Stevens, Alfred H. Stevens, Abigail Baker Stevens, and Osman Stevens.

Charles Wistar Stevens travelled to France and met his wife. He returned to the United States and graduated from Havard Medical School. He wrote many humorous books. You can find out more about him in Boston of To-Day at Google Books.

Abigail Stevens married John Henry Gould. She painted water colors as Abbie Gould.

Thomas Stevens second wife was Betsy Duncan. They had three children - Helen, Emma, and Milan. Betsy is my ancestor along with Milan. Helen married Horace Pitcher. They had at least three children who died young. Emma never married. Milan has his own biography page.

Thomas and Betsy moved to Charlestown, Massachusetts where their third child, Milan, was born.

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Thomas Stevens third wife was Laura Ann Waterhouse. It was her second marriage so Waterhouse is the name of her first husband (father's name was Robbins). She died in 1884 at 72 years old of old age. She is listed as a widow but I think she and Thomas were divorced since Thomas married his fourth wife in 1866.

Thomas Stevens fourth wife was Charlotte Waterman. She was born in France and this was her second marriage. She is buried in the family plot at Cambridge Cemetery with many of the Stevens family.

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Boston Journal
Monday, April 07, 1879
Boston, Massachusetts
Volume: XLVI Issue 15201 page 3

STEVENS-April 8 of typhoid pneumonia, Dr Thomas J Stevens of Charlestown, 76 yrs.

Boston Journal
Thursday, April 10, 1879
Boston, Massachusetts
Volume: XLVI Issue 15204 page 4

Charlestown District


The funeral of the late Dr. Thomas J Stevens, for
thirty five years a practicing physician in Charlestown
took place yesterday afternoon at the Monument
Square M. E. Church and the lender regard in which
the deceased was held in this community was borne
witness to by the presence of a very large attendance,
the church being crowded beyond the seating capacity.
The ?? ?? ?? ?? were conducted by the Rev.
J. H Mansfield, pastor of the curch, of which the
deceased was a member. The music of the service was
rendered by a quartette, and three members of the
Sunday school sang a trio in a touching manner at the
close of the service. The floral tributes were numer-
ous. The remains were taken to the Cambridge
cemetery for interment.

Boston Journal
Monday, April 07, 1879
Boston, Massachusetts
Volume: XLVI Issue 15201 page 2


DR. THOMAS J STEVENS We have to announce
the death of one of our oldest physicians, Dr Thomas
J. Stevens of Charlestown, at the ripe age of 76 years.
He was born in Enfield, N. H., April 22, 1803. He
had practiced medicine uninterruptedly for half a cen-
tury, and was greatly beloved by the poor, whose
friend he eminently was. He has always been actively
interested in all measures for the benefit of the poor
and was the original founder and projector for the
Charlestown Five Cent Savings Bank. He was for
several years City Physician of Charlestown and in
1873 was a member of the Common Council.

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